The Airplace Indoor Positioning Platform for Android Smartphones

  title={The Airplace Indoor Positioning Platform for Android Smartphones},
  author={Christos Laoudias and George Constantinou and Marios Constantinides and Silouanos Nicolaou and Demetrios Zeinalipour-Yazti and Christoforos Panayiotou},
  journal={2012 IEEE 13th International Conference on Mobile Data Management},
In this demonstration paper, we present an indoor positioning system developed for Android smartphones, coined Airplace. To infer the unknown user location we rely on ubiquitous WLANs and exploit Received Signal Strength (RSS) values from neighboring Access Points (AP) that are constantly monitored by the mobile devices under normal operation. Our system follows a mobile-based network-assisted architecture to eliminate the communication overhead and respect user privacy. In a typical scenario… CONTINUE READING
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