The Aging Tsunami: Time for a New Metaphor?

  title={The Aging Tsunami: Time for a New Metaphor?},
  author={Amanda Smith Barusch},
  journal={Journal of Gerontological Social Work},
  pages={181 - 184}
  • A. Barusch
  • Published 1 April 2013
  • Education
  • Journal of Gerontological Social Work
The aging tsunami is gaining momentum and I’m not talking about population demographics. It’s the metaphor. Google’s new Ngram Viewer shows a dramatic rise in the use of the phrase “age wave” since the 1980s, and a quick Google search yields over 8,000 hits for “aging tsunami” in the news. Japan is “bracing” for it, Iran is “threatened,” and Hawaii is preparing for a “coordinated effort.” In the Pacific we have experience with tsunamis: great walls of water that destroy or displace everything… 

“With Friends Like These”: Unpacking Panicked Metaphors for Population Ageing

Age studies scholars have long noted problems with using a tsunami metaphor to describe population ageing. Age-friendly offers a new way to respond to an increase in older adults. Though critical

Awaken Your AgePotential: Exploring Chosen Paths of Thrivers, by Lori Campbell

Lori Campbell, a gerontologist, qualitative researcher, and entrepreneur, writes the book, Awaken Your AgePotential, Exploring Chosen Paths of Thrivers, as an expert in wellness and aging. She has

Bearing the Burdens we (don’t Tend to) Bare

  • A. Moyse
  • Political Science
    Journal of Population Ageing
  • 2021
The burdens of older life, during what Peter Laslett calls the fourth-age, exaggerate feelings of fear and desire while resourcing despair. Some such burdens are borne from human corporeality. Others

Are Older Adults Perceived as A Threat to Society? Exploring Perceived Age-Based Threats in 29 Nations

Objectives: The present study adds to the current body of literature by simultaneously examining the public perception of young and old people as posing realistic threats (e.g., to the group’s power,

Are Older Adults Perceived as A Threat to Society? Exploring Perceived Age-Based Threats in 29 Nations.

  • L. Ayalon
  • Psychology
    The journals of gerontology. Series B, Psychological sciences and social sciences
  • 2017
A three-profile solution indicated that the perception of older and younger adults as threats to society often co-occurs, and calls for a more balanced approach which evaluates attitudes toward both younger and older adults as potential sources of threat.

The Politics of Positive Aging

  • I. Crăciun
  • Medicine
    International Perspectives on Aging
  • 2019
This chapter examines the politics of positive aging by defining active aging and exploring how positive aging theories contributed to shaping aging policy and how images of aging are interlinked and how they evolved historically.

The Emerging Silver Society in the Asia Pacific Region

Silver has been very significant in Asian culture as jewelry, in the decorative arts, and as a currency, whereas the silvering of society reflects the success of efforts to improve the public’s health.

Prospects and Contexts of Demographic Transitions in Thailand

Thailand is facing an era of the “second demographic transition” in which the falling of fertility and mortality rates occur simultaneously. The country’s birth rates are now below replacement,

Precarity and Views on Aging

  • I. Crăciun
  • Political Science
    International Perspectives on Aging
  • 2019
This chapter argues that precarity shapes views on aging by generating and encouraging specific negative images concerning old age, by stimulating the reinvention of positive aging images and by



Metaphors We Live by

People use metaphors every time they speak. Some of those metaphors are literary - devices for making thoughts more vivid or entertaining. But most are much more basic than that - they're "metaphors

Objects of metaphor

Objects of Metaphor is a philosophical account of the phenomenon of metaphor radically different from those currently on offer, and offers novel conceptions of both the relationship between simile and metaphor and the notion of dead metaphor.

The Janus Model of Life-Course Dynamics

The interdisciplinary Janus model has proved its validity in respect of the simulation of widely divergent life trajectories in biology, psychology, and demography and is fit par excellence for the integration of data and theory in developmental and aging research.

Migration Narratives: Expanding Methods to Examine the Interaction of Person and Environment Among Aging Gay Men

Assessment of gay men (and other marginalized groups) may be enhanced through application of migration narratives, as part of a larger qualitative study of crystal methamphetamine use in New York City.

Aging Well and Gay in Rural America: A Case Study

The findings suggest that although it is important to understand the challenges faced by the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community in rural environments, it is equally important to shed light on the ways in which older adults age well within these communities.

The Couples Life Story Approach: A Dyadic Intervention for Dementia

An approach for working with individuals who have dementia, along with their spouses or partners, focuses on helping couples communicate, reminisce about the story of their relationship, find photographs and mementoes from their past, and develop a book that incorporates these mementsoes.

Dementia Care with Black and Latino Families: A Social Work Problem-Solving Approach, by Delia Gonzalez Sanders and Richard H. Fortinsky

This book provides guidance for social workers working with Black and Latino caregivers and their loved ones, using the ecological framework. In addition, the book provides guidance for social

United States life tables, 2003.

  • E. Arias
  • Psychology
    National vital statistics reports : from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Center for Health Statistics, National Vital Statistics System
  • 2006
This report presents period life tables for the United States based on age-specific death rates in 2003 based on 2003 final mortality statistics; July 1, 2003, population estimates based on the 2000 decennial census; and data from the Medicare program.

The Development of Korea's New Long-Term Care Service Infrastructure and Its Results: Focusing on the Market-Friendly Policy Used for Expansion of the Numbers of Service Providers and Personal Care Workers

  • Yongho Chon
  • Political Science
    Journal of gerontological social work
  • 2013
Why and how the Korean government expanded long-term care infrastructure through the introduction of a new compulsory insurance system is provided, with a particular focus on the market-friendly policies used to expand the infrastructure.

Addressing Individual Differences in Mobility Transition Counseling With Older Adults

Higher readiness to cope with mobility transition and self-confidence related to fall risk, higher self-rated health/vision, and fewer maladaptive behaviors, but not social support/adaptive coping, suggesting that those at risk can benefit from person-centered intervention to mobilize strengths for transportation/mobility planning.