The Agency of Assemblages and the North American Blackout

  title={The Agency of Assemblages and the North American Blackout},
  author={Jane Bennett},
  journal={Public Culture},
Globalization names a state of affairs in which Earth, no longer simply an ecological or geological category, has become a salient unit of political analysis. More than locality or nation, Earth is the whole in which the parts (e.g., finance capital, CO2 emissions, refugees, viruses, pirated DVDs, ozone, human rights, weapons of mass destruction) now circulate. There have been various attempts to theorize this complex, gigantic whole and to characterize the kind of relationality obtaining… Expand


The force of things : steps toward an ecology of matter
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agency) by dividing it neatly into constituent parts; one can only "circle" around it. See Theodor Adorno, Negative Dialectics
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Gilles Deleuze and Naturalism
    Other readings suggest that Arendt, especially given her notion of "action," may be even more amenable to a distributive notion of agency than I suggest. My thanks to Paul Saurette for this point
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    Realist Social Theory, 66. 47. Recall that reactive power is when the waves of current and voltage in an electron stream are ninety degrees out of sync