The Age of Vacuum Tubes: Merging with Digital Computing [Historical]

  title={The Age of Vacuum Tubes: Merging with Digital Computing [Historical]},
  author={Massimo Guarnieri},
  journal={IEEE Industrial Electronics Magazine},
  • M. Guarnieri
  • Published 18 September 2012
  • History
  • IEEE Industrial Electronics Magazine
Wartime efforts aimed at developing superior technologies provided a major boost to vacuum tube development during and after World War II (WWII). The demand for tubes capable of generating microwaves for radar led to the development of the improved cavity-type magnetron in 1940 by John Randall (1905-1984) and Henry Boot (1917-1983) at the University of Birmingham, United Kingdom. This device was instrumental in ensuring the Allied Forces strategic superiority [1], [2]. After the war, such radar… 

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