The Age of Hesiod: A Study in Economic History

  title={The Age of Hesiod: A Study in Economic History},
  author={Albert Augustus Trever},
  journal={Classical Philology},
  pages={157 - 168}
  • A. A. Trever
  • Published 1 April 1924
  • Economics, History
  • Classical Philology
The use commonly made of Hesiod's Works and Days as a historical source for economic conditions in the early Greek world leaves much to be desired. The usual method is first to determine the date of the poet, somewhat arbitrarily, and without due reference to the actual picture of economic life presented by him. Then, instead of giving an organized account of the economy of Hesiod's day, the historian frequently forgets his date, and cites a few passages from the poet loosely, as evidence for… 
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Hesiod and his world
Recent interest in Hesiod has tended to concentrate on three broad aspects of his poems: their language, structure and myth. By contrast, their value as historical documents has been persistently