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The Age-Rotation-Activity Relation: From Myrs to Gyrs

  title={The Age-Rotation-Activity Relation: From Myrs to Gyrs},
  author={Kevin R. Covey and Marcel A. Agueros and Jenna Jo Lemonias and Nicholas M. Law and Adam L. Kraus},
  journal={arXiv: Solar and Stellar Astrophysics},
Over the past 40 years, observational surveys have established the existence of a tight relationship between a star's age, rotation period, and magnetic activity. This age-rotation-activity relation documents the interplay between a star's magnetic dynamo and angular momentum evolution, and provides a valuable age estimator for isolated field stars. While the age-rotation-activity relation has been studied extensively in clusters younger than 500 Myr, empirically measured rotation periods are… 

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