The Africanity of Spain

  title={The Africanity of Spain},
  author={Antumi Toasije},
  journal={Journal of Black Studies},
  pages={348 - 355}
  • Antumi Toasije
  • Published 1 January 2009
  • Political Science
  • Journal of Black Studies
Africans in Spain have a large historical presence and influence, but recently a growing official discourse of Europeanization since the incorporation in the European Union puts in a serious danger the Africanity of Spain and leads to a growing racism. This article describes the different generations of Black populations in Spain, the identity conflicts and how one can organize and defy the dominant discourse. 
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Speech at the 2nd Pan-African Congress
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Juan Latino: Gloria de España y de su raza
  • Chicago: Nororiental. Serra, S., Toasije, A. (2004). La immigració, països emisors i les Illes Balears [The immigra-
  • 1973
Speech at the 2nd Pan-African Congress. Unpublished proceedings. Conclusions of the 2nd Pan-African Congress
  • El Pais