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The African-American Contribution to the Liberation Struggle in Southern Africa: The Case of the African Liberation Support Committee, 1972-1979

  title={The African-American Contribution to the Liberation Struggle in Southern Africa: The Case of the African Liberation Support Committee, 1972-1979},
  author={Edward O. Erhagbe},
  journal={The Journal of Pan-African Studies},
Introduction At different times and for varied reasons, African-Americans had had cause to address the issue of their relationship with Africa. (2) The nineteenth century witnessed an increase in the articulation of programs that would enable them to contribute to Africa's development. For them, this was informed by their belief that they and African people on the continent were fighting a common racial battle against white oppression and exploitation. (3) Evidence shows that even before the… 
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Thomas Buchell Sworn Marshall Green and Susan Johnson are the property of the Estate of John Bushell. He has been dead three years next March I think. The negroes at the time he died had run away. I

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(1974). Report on the ALSC National Conference. The Black Scholar: Vol. 5, The Sixth Pan-African Congress, pp. 48-53.

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