The Aerodynamic Forces on Slender Plane- and Cruciform-Wing and Body Combinations

  title={The Aerodynamic Forces on Slender Plane- and Cruciform-Wing and Body Combinations},
  author={John R. Spreiter},
17w load distribution, fwcw, and moments are calcxdated theoreticallyfor incline! &nder wing-body combinations ccm..~”stingof a slender body of revolution and either a plane or cruci~ormarrangement of low-aspect-ratio pointed wings. The Tewlts are applicable at subsonic and tromsonicspeeds, and at supersonic speeds, prot~ded the entire mung-bodycom.binati-on lies near the center of the Mach cone. 1%.eanalysis of the slender cruciform-wing and body combinations results in thefolloun… CONTINUE READING

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