The Adventures of Miss Ross: Interventions into, and the tenacity of, romantic travel writing in Southwest Persia

  title={The Adventures of Miss Ross: Interventions into, and the tenacity of, romantic travel writing in Southwest Persia},
  author={Barbara J. Cooke},
  • B. Cooke
  • Published 1 June 2015
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This article concerns the written life of Dr Elizabeth Ness Macbean Ross (1878–1911). Ross’s posthumously published memoir about this time, A Lady Doctor in Bakhtiari Land (1921), challenges the masculine, monomythic stance of her travel-writing forebears Sir Henry Layard and Sir Richard Burton and anticipates contemporary texts in which the encounter between “traveling” self and “native” other destabilizes, rather than reaffirms, the traveler’s sense of identity and authority. The article also… 


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