The Advantages of Theft over Toil: The Design Inference and Arguing from Ignorance

  title={The Advantages of Theft over Toil: The Design Inference and Arguing from Ignorance},
  author={John S. Wilkins and W. Elsberry},
  journal={Biology and Philosophy},
Intelligent design theorist William Dembski hasproposed an ``explanatory filter'' fordistinguishing between events due to chance,lawful regularity or design. We show that ifDembski's filter were adopted as a scientificheuristic, some classical developments inscience would not be rational, and thatDembski's assertion that the filter reliablyidentifies rarefied design requires ignoringthe state of background knowledge. Ifbackground information changes even slightly,the filter's conclusion will… 

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The assumption of design of the universe is examined from a scientific perspective. The claims of William Dembski and of Michael Behe are unscientific because they are a-theoretic. The argument from

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The author argues that biological systems are replete with CSI and that NFL precludes selection’s ability to create such information without preexisting CSI to act upon, and urges CSI as a tool for separating the products of intelligent design from those of chance and natural causes.

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The No Free Lunch (NFL) of Dembski's title refers to a collection of theorems establishing the nonexistence of such an algorithm (Wolpert and Macready, 1996); it follows that an algorithm is assured of success only when information about the problem is in some way built into it.



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Critique de l'ouvrage de W. A. Dembsky intitule «L'inference du dessein» (198) qui examine les contextes non-theologiques de l'argument philosophique du dessein. L'A. rejette la methode

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