The Adhesive Strength of Whiting-wax-resin Cements

  title={The Adhesive Strength of Whiting-wax-resin Cements},
  author={S. Rees Jones and P. F. J. M. Hermesdorf},
  journal={Studies in Conservation},
BEESWAX, a material of great stability, is an important protective and adhesive material which is being used extensively in the conservation of works of art. It is usually combined with various substances into mixtures with improved qualities and better suited to particular requirements, such as relining, transfer, and gap-filling. At least two investigations [I] have been devoted to the properties and possibilities of beeswax, whether alone or in mixtures with strengthening and plasticizing… 
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AbstractProblems in the conservation of waterlogged shale are discussed and a method of conservation is described based on impregnation in an aqueous solution of polyethylene glycol 4000 or 6000.