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The Active Chemical Constituent And Biological Activity of Salvadora persica ( Miswak )

  title={The Active Chemical Constituent And Biological Activity of Salvadora persica ( Miswak )},
  author={Sukumar Dutta and Aatif Hassan Shaikh},
The use of Miswak, chewing sticks (salvadora persica) can be traced back to Babylonians some 7000 years ago. It was later used throughout the Roman and Greek empires, and has also been used by ancient Egyptians and muslims.It is commonly used throughout the world specially for the purpose of oral hygiene. Muslims are using as the religious view. Current study deals with the study of miswak for their chemical composition and biological activity.It deals with the study of therapeutic uses of… 

Salvadora persica L.: Toothbrush tree with health benefits and industrial applications – An updated evidence-based review

Miswak as an Alternative Treatment Modality in Medicine and Dentistry: A review

A bird’s eye view mainly on the biological activities of the miswak and plausible medicinal and dental applications are given.

Therapeutic effects of Salvadora persica (Miswak) on patients with mild to moderate gingivitis.

The gingival index indicates that using S. persica and toothbrush together is better than using S.'s persica or toothbrush alone, and the debris index shows thatUsing S. Persica alone or using it with toothbrush is more effective than using toothbrush Alone.

Effects of Salvadora Persica on Oral Health: A Bird’s Eye View

The history and chemical composition of Salvadora persica (miswak) and its influence on oral health, including the advantages, and disadvantages of its use are discussed.

The Effect of the Moroccan Salvadora Persica Extract on the Corrosion Behavior of the Ni–Cr Non-precious Dental Alloy in Artificial Saliva

To evaluate, for the first time, the effect of the Moroccan Miswak (Salvadora persica) extract on the corrosion behavior of Ni–Cr dental alloy in artificial saliva, the electrochemical techniques,

Pharmacological Benefits of Miswak Users and Its Impact on COVID-19 Patients – A Review

Salvadora persica, a miracle twig's various medicinal properties and also about major influence against the viral activities and the asymptomatic conditions in Covid-19 patients of miswak users are highlighted.

Effect of Salvadora persica Extract (Miswak) on the Dentinal Tubules of Sound Root Dentin: Scanning Electron Microscope Study

Miswak showed total blocking of the dentinal tubules compared to the control group, which might indicate that miswak has a role in reducing dentinal hypersensitivity of exposed root dentin.

Formulation of New Herbal Salvadora toothpaste with Anti- decay, Wound healing and caring tooth and Periodontal Diseases

Herbal toothpaste Salvadora with comprehensive effective materials for dental health ranging from antibacterial, detergent and whitening properties including benzyl isothiocyanate, alkaloids, and anions with potential antibacterial feature against oral microbial flora, silica and chloride for oral disinfection and bleaching the tooth.



Antiulcer activity of Salvadora persica L.: structural modifications.

Salvadora persica L.: hypolipidemic activity on experimental hypercholesterolemia in rat.

Antiulcer Activity of Salvadora persica on Experimental ASA-Induced Ulcer in Rats: Ultrastructural Modifications

The lyophilized decoction of Salvadora persica L. roots possesses a significant protective effect on ulceration induced by ethanol, indomethacin and cold restraint stress in rats and suggests that cells tend to recover a moderate secretory activity, even if the drug still discloses its inhibitory effect.

The effect of Salvadora persica extract (miswak) and chlorhexidine gluconate on human dentin: a SEM study.

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It was concluded that CHX 0.2% and miswak extract 50% had a similar effect on dentin in the control group and further research is needed in vivo to compare the effects of CHX and misWak extract on periodontally involved teeth and teeth with dentinal hypersensitivity.

An in vitro antimicrobial comparison of miswak extract with commercially available non-alcohol mouthrinses.

Dental professionals must exercise caution and provide guidance in assisting their patients in making informed choices regarding their use of mouthrinses for clinical efficacy, while cetylpyridinium chloride mouth rinses were with moderate and miswak extract was with low antibacterial activity.

Effect on soil salanization

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Hygiene and Periodontal Status Associated with the use of Miswak or toothbrush among Saud Adult Population ,Cairo

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