The Achaemenid empire and the sea

  title={The Achaemenid empire and the sea},
  author={J. Haubold},
  journal={Mediterranean Historical Review},
  pages={24 - 5}
  • J. Haubold
  • Published 2012
  • History
  • Mediterranean Historical Review
This article looks at the conquest of the sea as a way of projecting world rule during the Achaemenid period. It starts by tracing the ancient Near Eastern tradition whereby successive rulers had to prove themselves by conquering the sea, from mythical kings such as Gilgameš and Sargon of Akkad down to Cyrus the Great and his successors. It then considers more specifically some of the ways in which Darius and Xerxes staged a conquest of the sea through symbolic gestures, building projects, and… Expand
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