The Absolute Magnitude and Kinematics of RR Lyrae Stars via Statistical Parallax

  title={The Absolute Magnitude and Kinematics of RR Lyrae Stars via Statistical Parallax},
  author={A. Layden and Robert B. Hanson and Suzanne Hawley and Arnold Richard Klemola and Charles J. Hanley},
  journal={The Astronomical Journal},
We present new statistical parallax solutions for the absolute magnitude and kinematics of RR Lyrae stars. We have combined new proper motions from the Lick Northern Proper Motion program with new radial velocity and abundance measures to produce a data set that is 50% larger, and of higher quality, than the data sets employed by previous analyses. Based on an a priori kinematic study, we separated the stars into halo and thick disk sub-populations. We performed statistical parallax solutions… Expand
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