The Absence of Muslim Women in Shaping Islamic Thought: Foundations of Muslims’ Peaceful and Just Co‐Existence

  title={The Absence of Muslim Women in Shaping Islamic Thought: Foundations of Muslims’ Peaceful and Just Co‐Existence},
  author={Nimat Hafez Barazangi},
  journal={The journal of law and religion},
This paper explores the ethical and legal pedagogy of the current debates on “reforming” Muslim societies, whether they claim to reform social and legal systems, reform educational institutions, or liberate Muslim women. Since these debates claim to achieve balance in global or domestic conflicts, I address the foundations of these debates by answering three questions: (1) Are the rationales for American and/or European governments’ interventions justified?; (2) Can the discipline of civil law… 
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  • B. Tibi
  • Political Science, Sociology
  • 2001
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The title of Elizabeth Fernea's book suggests the openness and personal nature of the research she documents so humbly and humanly that superficial readers might miss its true originality and value.
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