The Aboriginal Intervention in Colonial Discourse: Challenging White Control of Cross-Racial Intersubjectivity

  title={The Aboriginal Intervention in Colonial Discourse: Challenging White Control of Cross-Racial Intersubjectivity},
  author={Danica {\vC}er{\vc}e},
  journal={GEMA Online Journal of Language Studies},
  • Danica Čerče
  • Published 2018
  • Sociology
  • GEMA Online Journal of Language Studies
Written against the background of critical whiteness studies, the article deals with the poetry of Romaine Moreton and Alf Taylor, two contemporary Aboriginal voices who are not yet widely recognised, although their work is powerful and compelling. They both use their medium to explore various aspects of indigeneity and to intervene in the public dynamics of racial separation. In their attempt to instil agency for the postcolonial Indigenous subject, they challenge what Sara Suleri (2003) calls… Expand
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