The ATPase cycle mechanism of the DEAD-box rRNA helicase, DbpA.

  title={The ATPase cycle mechanism of the DEAD-box rRNA helicase, DbpA.},
  author={Arnon Henn and Wenxiang Cao and David D Hackney and Enrique M. De La Cruz},
  journal={Journal of molecular biology},
  volume={377 1},
DEAD-box proteins are ATPase enzymes that destabilize and unwind duplex RNA. Quantitative knowledge of the ATPase cycle parameters is critical for developing models of helicase activity. However, limited information regarding the rate and equilibrium constants defining the ATPase cycle of RNA helicases is available, including the distribution of populated biochemical intermediates, the catalytic step(s) that limits the enzymatic reaction cycle, and how ATP utilization and RNA interactions are… CONTINUE READING


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