The ATLAS3D project – I. A volume-limited sample of 260 nearby early-type galaxies: science goals and selection criteria

  title={The ATLAS3D project – I. A volume-limited sample of 260 nearby early-type galaxies: science goals and selection criteria},
  author={M. Cappellari and E. Emsellem and D. Krajnovi'c and R. McDermid and N. Scott and G. V. Kleijn and L. Young and K. Alatalo and R. Bacon and L. Blitz and M. Bois and F. Bournaud and M. Bureau and R. Davies and T. Davis and P. D. Zeeuw and P. Duc and S. Khochfar and H. Kuntschner and P. Lablanche and R. Morganti and T. Naab and T. Oosterloo and M. Sarzi and P. Serra and A. Weijmans},
  journal={Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society},
  • M. Cappellari, E. Emsellem, +23 authors A. Weijmans
  • Published 2010
  • Physics
  • Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society
  • The ATLAS3D project is a multiwavelength survey combined with a theoretical modelling effort. The observations span from the radio to the millimetre and optical, and provide multicolour imaging, two-dimensional kinematics of the atomic (H i), molecular (CO) and ionized gas (H beta, [O iii] and [N i]), together with the kinematics and population of the stars (H beta, Fe5015 and Mg b), for a carefully selected, volume-limited (1.16 x 105 Mpc3) sample of 260 early-type (elliptical E and lenticular… CONTINUE READING
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