The ATLAS Trigger/DAQ Authorlist

  title={The ATLAS Trigger/DAQ Authorlist},
  author={Rui Abreu and Enrico Pasqualucci and Giacomo Artoni and Nicoletta Garelli and Sandrine Calvet and Regina Kwee and Iwona Grabowska-Bold and Kantilal Joshi and Peter Hanke and Noam Amram and Jenny Holzbauer and Alessandro Polini and Aldo F. Saavedra and Christian Ohm and Tmomi Sumida and Enrique Kajomovitz and Liberali and Aleandro Nisati and Nan-jiang Zhou and Amilcare Cerri and Alberto Stabile and Sabine Bressler and Maxwell Atkinson and Brian Green and Graziano Bruni and Rebecca Thalatta Chislett and Joana Migu{\'e}ns and Mogens Dam and Yang Cheng and Y. Nakahama and Michael J. White and T. Macey and Andrey Nikiforov and Xue-song Wu and George Lewis and Rodrigo Coura Torres and Andrea Negri and Czeslaw Jeske and Gordon Crone and Santi Kama and Masahiro Ikeno and Peter Renkel and Alexander Sch{\"o}ning and Katarina Bendtz and Joanna L Howarth and Speranza Falciano and Marcello Bindi and P{\'e}ter Bern{\'a}t and Homare Sakamoto and Stefan Tapprogge and Wuyong Qian and Laura Fiorini and Christopher Betancourt and Bartsch and A. A. Salnikov and Yassir Benhammou and Patrick True and Christian Bohm and Stefania Xella and Giovanna Lehmann Miotto and Yasushi Nagasaka and Jakub Kraus and Andrew Washbrook and Hai Li and Mikhail Mineev and Mark S. Neubauer and Florian M{\"u}ller and William Buttinger and Jeffrey D. Morris and J. Wakabayashi and Yorihito Sugaya and Tomohiro Hayakawa and Pedro Teixeira-Dias and Yonathan Munwes and Francesco Crescioli and E Bergeaas Kuutmann and B. Aasman and Allison McCarn and Pedro Urquijo and Paola Giannetti and Vicente Mart{\'i}n and Eva. Rossi and Joern Mahlstedt and Mariagrazia Alviggi and Kostantinos Kordas and G S Adolfo Navarro and M. C. Stockton and Francesco Lo Sterzo and Leonardo Merola and Jul. Petersen and Julia Linnemann and Di Su and Margherita Primavera and Xabier Anduaga and Martine Bosman and Facundo Parodi and Alessio Di Simone and Monika Wielers and Luca Magnoni and David W. Miller and Lorne J. Levinson and Benjamin Auerbach and Shuvabrata Poddar and Mark F. Watson and Brian Aagaard Petersen and Tomomichi Matsushita and Tomasz Bold and Rustem Ospanov and Michael Shochet and Claudio Luci and Evgeny Alexandrov and C. Mills and Philippe Mermod and Takafumi Takeshita and T. Moa and Sebastian Hellman and Yasuhiro Suzuki and Gabriel Anders and Danilo Enoque Ferreira de Lima and Thomas James Neep and Veronique Boisvert and Nicoleta Lupu and N. Taiblum and R. E. Blair and Elizabeth S. Ptacek and Markos Losada and Christopher Meyer and Alex O.C. Davis and Hideki Nomoto and Mario Campanelli and Michele Rhea Sutton and Andrea Coccaro and G. Unel and Kiyotomo Kawagoe and Silvia De Cecco and Alessandro Cerri and Vercesi and Anna Sfyrla and Roberto Ferrari and Aniello De Santo and C. Padilla Aranda and Ricardo Gon c calo and Alessia Ebling and Thomas Wengler and J Saland and Scharf and Yoji Hasegawa and S. Batraneanu and F. Monticelli and David M. Strom and Satomi Hasegawa and Rick Kowalewski and Osamu Sasaki and Bianca Maria Osculati and Dean D Shooltz and Louis Tremblet and Edward K. Sarkisyan-Grinbaum and Hiroyuki Kurashige and Luis M. Navas and Fedor Prokoshin and Katharina Rose Luise Schmitt and John Koll and Andy Pinder and Tsuneo Kanno and A. C. Martyniuk and Paolo Mastrandrea and Akshay Katre and J. Pelham Thomas and Dayne Sherman and Carolyn Sandoval and J. M. de Seixas and Clemencia Mora Herrera and Luke Lambourne and Aaron Harwood and Alexandre Zaitsev and Benedict Allbrooke and Vincenzo Canale and Viviana Cavaliere and Stewart Martin-Haugh and Martin Woudstra and Shigeto Okada and Sachika Oda and Fr. Pastore and Giovanna Usai and Josh Kunkle and Mitsuhiro Kuze and Giora Mikenberg and Noriichi Kanaya and William H. Bell and Mark Thomson and L. J. Beemster and Masahiro Nozaki and Erez Etzion and Carsten Hensel and Wolfgang Ehrenfeld and Filippo Maria Giorgi and Andrew Lankford and Liang Yuan and Gianpaolo Carlino and Virgil Andrei and Alexander Oh and E. E. Kluge and Francesco Rubbo and Andrea Borga and Dao and Michael Medinnis and Daniel Whiteson and G. L. Darlea and K. A. Johns and Chikara Fukunaga and Hidetoshi Ohshita and Florian Lepold and Manuel Gonz{\'a}lez Silva and Dexter Hadley and Manuel A. D{\'i}az and J. Huston and B. M. Barnett and Hardeep Singh Bansil and Evelyn Strauss and P. C. van der Deijl and Brigitte Vachon and Roberto Cardarelli and Do Damazio and Martin Tripiana and Mihai Caprini and L. S. Gomez Fajardo and Andrew Karamaoun and Elizabeth Brost and M. A. Chelstowska and Mario Corradi and Kaito Nagano and Patrick J. Bell and S{\'e}bastien Brunet and Richard Staley and Zofia Czyczula and A Parodi and Izzo and E. Badescu and Nicola Venturi and P. J. W. Faulkner and Szymon Gadomski and Juraj Bracin{\'i}k and Hs. Subramania and Bryan Martin and Marco Romano and M S Twomey and Jianxin Zhang and Kevin Slagle and E. Nurse and Eduard Simioni and Ippolito and Klaus Meier and Igor Soloviev and L. Hooft van Huysduynen and Per Werner and Alina Corso-Radu and S. T. French and Seth Caughron and Teruhiro Kubota and G. C. H. Jones and Fabian Kohn and Bonnie Pope and John T. Childers and Christoph Falk Anders and Dominick Olivito and Gregorio Bernardi and Antonio Sidoti and Stephan Heim and Peter Watkins and Hiroyuki Iwasaki and Giuseppe Salamanna and Mauro Citterio and Valerie Susanne Lang and Andreas Warburton and J. T. Baines and Marco Piendibene and Carlo Schiavi and W. T. Fedorko and Nuno Anjos and Kaushik and Markus St{\"o}be and Aranzazu Ruiz-Martinez and Bradford C. Smith and U Sch afer and Domenico Casadei and Toru Kobayashi and Kamal Benslama and Gustavo Brown and Serge Demers and Yasuhiro Yamazaki and Myriam B{\'e}gel and Olga Igonkina and I. P. Brawn and Jacqueline S. Olin and Veysi Erkcan Ozcan and Timothy Martin and Bertrand Laforge and Stefano Veneziano and Tommy Pauly and Hiroyuki Takeda and Chiara Meroni and Wang Ji and Anna Di Ciaccio and Attila Krasznahorkay and Andreas Reinsch and Christos Leonidopoulos and Alexandru D Sicoe and Elisabetta Pianori and Mar{\'i}a Chiara Conidi and Sandra Haas and Joerg Degenhardt and Antonio Boveia and John Love and Lauren Tompkins and Antonietta Lanza and Francesco A. Conventi and Davide Gerbaudo and Peter Radloff and Makoto Kaneda and Jason Ernst and B. H. Smart and Yoshitomi Okumura and Makoto Aoki and Scott B. Silverstein and Kirsten Tollefson and Daniel Scheirich and Satoko Tanaka and Anton Kapliy and Hugo Torres and Merryn Owen and Wenzel and Estel Perez Codina and Akira Ochi and Attilio Andreazza and Alvaro Amorim and Pavla Wagner and Sasa Fratina and Andrei Khomich and Gregor Kasieczka and F. Safai Tehrani and Camille B{\'e}langer-Champagne and Boris Panes and Bjoern Penning and R. D. Harrington and Rinaldo Santonico and Schaar Moritz and B. D. Cooper and S. J. Hillier and David R. Wardrope and Fernando Quinonez and Koresuke Yamauchi and Giovanni Avolio and C. P. Marino and B uscher and Crist{\'o}bal Cuenca Almenar and Peter N{\'e}methy and Robert Kehoe and D. P. C. Sankey and Reinhard Schwienhorst and Serguei Kolos and Craig Wiglesworth and Martin Joos and Thomas Lohse and Edoardo Gorini and Giacomo Snidero and Dirk Schaefer and Abbie Ventura and Kohei Kessoku and Nick Ellis and Kristopher Ellis and Tae Min Hong and Monica Dunford and Jordan S Webster and C. A. Chavez Barajas and Frank Winklmeier and Harald Joerg Stelzer and Georg Zobernig and Imma R{\'i}u and Ralf Spiwoks and M. T. Dova and Rainer Bartoldus and D. De Pedis and Sabrina Schmitt and Mika Ishino and Daniel Lellouch and Iouri Ermoline and Evelin Meoni and R. Cherkaoui El Moursli and Francisco Alonso and Constantinos Melachrinos and Rainer P{\"o}ttgen and Mirco. Bianco and Pierre-Hugues Beauchemin and Massimo Della Pietra and Tadashi Maeno and S. Y. u. Sivoklokov and Wainer Vandelli and Peter A. Wijeratne and Barbara Alvarez Gonzalez and Mario Beretta and Ulrike Blumenschein and Mauro Dell'Orso and Moritz Backes and Elliot David Lipeles and Rainer Stamen and Alexander Paramonov and Li Yao and Diego Romero Maltrana and Itzebelt Santoyo Castillo and Pietro Giusti and Kento Tani and Elisa Musto and Anna Phan and Reiner Hauser and Jules Morel and Patric Kiese and T. Kono and Yu. F. Ryabov and Matteo Rescigno and A. T. Watson and Davide Boscherini and P Plucinski and Philippe Farthouat and Ilektra A. Christidi and Stefania Spagnolo and Yuriy Davygora and Marina Giunta and Andrew D. Pilkington and Alessandro Di Mattia and Peter Thompson and Sidharth Rajagopalan and Werner Wiedenmann and Shunta Hirayama and M. Shamim and Marlene Wessels and Zara Jane Grout and Christophe Meessen and Sofia Vallecorsa and Chihiro Omachi and Joshua M. Tuggle and Bertrand Chapleau and Patricia Conde Mu{\'i}{\~n}o and Tina M uller and Ophira Silbert and Mary Louise Landon and C.L.A. Tan and Eric Torrence and Rajani Narayan and Alessandro Tricoli and Ricardo Piegaia and Shlomit Tarem and V. M. Kotov and C J Potter and Jiř{\'i} Ma{\vs}{\'i}k and Jose Vazquez and Kuoyin Wang and Makoto Tomoto and Paul S. Ryan and Hiroki Okawa and Chris T. Potter and Alberto Annovi and Liang Zhao and Fabio Anulli and S. Ballestrero and Michela Biglietti and Adam Salamon and Mar{\'i}a Pilar Corredor Casado and Arnulf Quadt and S. Tsuno and Rodger Mantifel and Makoto Ishitsuka and David Berge and Alastair Hamilton and E. Petrolo and David Rowland Francis and Anja Mann and P. O. Deviveiros and Stefano Antonelli and Stefan Stancu and Peter R. Newman and Kenji Ozone and A. Basalaev and Giulio Aielli and S. L. Wu and Michael King and Yoshiji Yasu and Takuya Nobe and A. Taffard and R. D. Mudd and Paolo Morettini and Simon George and Natalia Panikashvili and Ademar Tavares Delgado and J. C. Vermeulen and Fr{\'e}d{\'e}ric Touchard and Stefano Giagu and Giuseppe Romeo and Matthew Tamsett},

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Evolution of the trigger and data acquisition system in the ATLAS experiment

  • 2012 IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium and Medical Imaging Conference Record (NSS/MIC)
  • 2012