The ATLAS Data Acquisition and Trigger: concept, design and status

  title={The ATLAS Data Acquisition and Trigger: concept, design and status},
  author={Kostas Kordas and Maris Abolins and Igor Alexandrov and Ant{\'o}nio Amorim and I. Aracena and Shirley Armstrong and E. Badescu and M. J.T. and Baines and No{\'e}mi Barros and Hans Peter Beck and C. Adam Bee and Matteo Bellomo and M. Biglietti and R. Blair and J. A. C. Bogaerts and Tuvshintulga Bold and Martine Bosman and D. Burckhart-Chromek and Mihai Caprini and C. Caramarcu and Giuseppe Carlino and Bryan Caron and M. Pilar Casado and Giancarlo Cataldi and M. Ciobotaru and G. Comune and P. Conde-Muino and Francesco A. Conventi and Alina Corso-Radu and Richard Taffler of the Cranfield and K. and Cranmer and G. Crone and D. Damazio and Jackie Dawson and A. De Santo and T. Del Prete and M. Della Pietra and Antonio Mattia and M. Diaz-Gomaz and R. W. Dobinson and M. Dobson and A. Dos Anjos and Andrea Dotti and G. Drake and Nigel Ellis and D. and Emeliyanov and Yuri Ermoline and Eda Ertorer and S. Falciano and R. Ferrari and Maria Ferrer and Dailia Francis and Szymon Gadomski and S................................................ and Gameiro and Hegoi Garitaonandia and Giovanni Gaudio and O. Gaumer and Sherly George and A. Gesualdi-Mello and Ricardo Goncalo and B. and Gorini and E. Gorini and Belinda Green and S. Haas and W. N. Haberichter and Haleh Hadavand and Christian H{\"a}berli and Julian Haller and J.... and Hansen and Reiner Hauser and Stephen J. Hillier and Andreas Hoecker and R. Hughes-Jones and Maxime Joos and Sonia Kabana and Andrei Kazarov and A.. and Khomich and G L Kieft and G. Kilvington and Joseph Kirk and Sander Klous and Takuya Kohno and S. Kolos and Nikos Konstantinidis and Andreas Kootz and Krzysztof Korcyl and V. Kotov and Andreas Kugel and M. D. Landon and Alan Lankford and Lucian Leahu and M. Leahu and G. Lehmann-Miotto and M.. and Julie Vine and Wen Chien Liu and Cherrie Lowe and Lucia Luminari and Tadashi Maeno and Reinhard M{\"a}nner and L. Mapelli and Bob Martin and Frank Marzano and Masik and Ross McLaren and Troy McMahon and Christophe Meessen and Catalin Meirosu and Mikhail Mineev and A. Misiejuk and R. Moore and P................... and Morettini and G. Mornacchi and Matthias Mueller and Yasushi Nagasaka and A. Negri and Aleandro Nisati and C. Osuna and C... and Padilla and N. Panikashvili and Facundo Parodi and Enrico Pasqualucci and Thomas Pauly and Vipula Perera and V. P{\'e}rez-R{\'e}ale and Jens Petersen and L. Pinfold and Brandon Pope and M. Portes de Albuquerqu and Clive Potter and Klaus Pretzl and Dominique Prigent and Rheaum and Steven J. Robertson and Yu. Ryabov and Daniela Salvatore and C. Santamarina-Rios and D. A. Scannicchio and Schiavi and J. L. Schlereth and Ingo Scholtes and Mafalda Seixas and Agatino Sidoti and S. Yu. Sivoklokov and J. Sloper and E. Sole-Segura and I.. and Soloviev and R. Soluk and Salvatore Spagnolo and R. Spiwoks and Rainer Stamen and Stefan Stancu and Erin Stefanidis and Sergey Sushkov and Matthew Sutton and Tadeusz Szymocha and Stefan Tapprogge and Shlomit Tarem and Z. Tarem and P. Teixeira-Dias and Emmanuel Thomas and F.. and Touchard and L. Tremblet and Giampaolo Usai and Brigitte Vachon and J. Van Wasen and Wainer Vandelli and L. Vaz Gil Lopes and Alberto Ventura and V. Vercesi and Henrique R. Schmitt and A. Warburton and Anne Watson and Thorsten Wengler and Matthias Wiesmann and E. E. Woehrling and Yoshiji Yasu and M K Yu and F. Zema and H. Zobernig},
K. Kordas , M. Abolins, I. Alexandrov, A. Amorim, I. Aracena, S. Armstrong, E. Badescu, J. T. M. Baines, N. Barros, H. P. Beck, C. Bee, M. Bellomo, M. Biglietti, R. Blair, J. A. C. Bogaerts, T. Bold, M. Bosman, D. Burckhart-Chromek, M. Caprini, C. Caramarcu, G. Carlino, B. Caron, M. P. Casado, G. Cataldi, M. Ciobotaru, G. Comune, P. Conde-Muino, F. Conventi, A. Corso-Radu, R. Cranfield, K. Cranmer, G. Crone, D. Damazio, J. Dawson, A. De Santo, T. Del Prete, M. Della Pietra, A. Di Mattia, M… CONTINUE READING
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