The ASYST Software for Scientific Computing

  title={The ASYST Software for Scientific Computing},
  author={David Hary and Koichi Oshio and Steven D. Flanagan},
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The acceptance of ASYST by the scientific community could dramatically change the way scientific data are handled and reduce the need for extensive in-house software development for many applications. However, there is no substitute for a well-conceived use of any software. We feel that the full acceptance of the ideas and concepts pioneered by Adaptable Laboratory Software and other software houses will depend on the ability of the scientific community to fully test and verify the procedures… 
Representation of Simple Graphs in Virtual Tactile Space
Representation of Simple Graphs in Virtual Tactile Space Harry J. Wyatt, Elaine C. Hall, and Kimberly Engber One mode by which graphic-spatial information may be presented to persons who are blind is
Experimental tests of a superposition hypothesis to explain the relationship between the vestibuloocular reflex and smooth pursuit during horizontal combined eye-head tracking in humans.
Evidence for the dynamic modulation of VOR gain is found by noting differences in responses to the onset and offset of head rotation in trials of the visually enhanced VOR.
L.F. Dell'Osso 1
Although bilateral redirection of retinal fibers that would normally cross may be strongly associated with the eN and SSN, the results suggest that unyoked and uniocular saccades were recorded and the number of fibers from the good eye were close to normal.
The data support the hypothesis that individuals with idiopathic CN do not have a primary disturbance of fixation, and the increased visual acuity resulting from the use of convergence or base-out prisms was due to increased foveation time.
Arterial oxygenation time after an FIO2 increase in mechanically ventilated patients.
It is concluded that after a 0.2 or 0.4 increase of FIO3, a 15-min equilibration time period is adequate for 90% of the increase in PO2 to occur, in stable, mechanically ventilated medical ICU patients.
Convergent-Divergent Pendular Nystagmus
The magnetic search coil technique was used to measure horizontal, vertical, and torsional components of convergent-divergent pendular nystagmus in three patients, finding that the waveform was sinusoidal in one patient, but in the other two it was complex, resembling either a sum of several sine waves or a cycloid.
A new surgery for congenital nystagmus: effects of tenotomy on an achiasmatic canine and the role of extraocular proprioception.
Ocular motor stability of foveation periods: Required conditions for suppression of oscillopsia
The ability to suppress oscillopsia in CN is the result of perceptual mechanisms that differentiate retinal image motion caused by the oscillation itself from that of real target motion.


Software aspects of strategic defense systems
A former member of the SDIO Panel on Computing in Support of Battle Management explains why he believes the “Star Wars” effort will not achieve its stated goals.
Team promotes breastfeeding regulations. Federated States of Micronesia.
It is resolved that government employed women in Micronesia be granted 30 working days of paid maternity leave after which time breastfeeding mothers be allowed 30 minutes of additional leave time each day for nursing the baby for a period of 1 year.
The data acquisition aspects of ASYSr
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