The ASCA national model : a framework for school counseling programs

  title={The ASCA national model : a framework for school counseling programs},
chool counseling programs are collaborative efforts benefiting students, parents, teachers, administrators and the overall community. School counseling programs should be an integral part of students’ daily educational environment, and school counselors should be partners in student achievement. Unfortunately, school counseling has lacked a consistent identity from state to state, district to district and even school to school. This has led to a misunderstanding of what school counseling is and… Expand

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Counseling Department Implementation of the ASCA National Model
This counseling issue mainly fits in the structural frame because at Central Valley High School (CVHS a pseudonym) the counseling department is lacking structure and clear goals to clearly meet the needs of all students; mainly, counselors are focused on helping at-risk or high achieving students. Expand
An Investigation of School Counselor and School Counselor Trainee Activities
The leaders of the American School Counselor Association (ASCA), the professional organization that creates policy and advocates for school counselors, state: "[professional school counselors design and deliver comprehensive school counseling programs that promote student achievement]", which brings professional school counselors together with one vision and one voice. Expand
Comprehensive School Counseling Programs: In Some Schools for Some Students but not in all Schools for All Students
the implementation of comprehensive school counseling programs and associated benefits for students in six different states. It represents the collaborative work of counselor educators, the CenterExpand
An Investigation of the Perceptions of High School Professional School Counselors: Qualitative Insights
Professional school counselors design and deliver comprehensive school counseling programs that promote student achievement (ASCA, n.d.). A school counseling department supports the visions andExpand
School Counseling and Student Outcomes: Summary of Six Statewide Studies
counSeling and Student outcomeS: Summary of Six Statewide StudieS The six statewide research studies presented in this special issue use a variety of designs, instrumentation, and measures.Expand
The Relationship Between School Counselors' Self-advocacy Skills And The Implementation Level Of Comprehensive School Counseling Programs
Comprehensive school counseling program implementation is the primary task of school counselors. However, role ambiguity regarding the role of school counselors has resulted in misconceptions aboutExpand
School Counselor Beliefs about ASCA National Model School Counseling Program Components Using the SCPCS
A study of 3,000 school counselors was undertaken to assess their beliefs about necessary components ofa school counseling program. This study was part of the database that the American SchoolExpand
Degree of Implementation of the American School Counselor Association National Model and School Counselor Burnout.
Degree of Implementation of the American School Counselor Association Model and School Counselor Burnout Katrina Steele Old Dominion University, 2014 Director: Dr. Theodore P. Remley, Jr. SchoolExpand
The relationship between school counselor leadership practices and comprehensive program implementation
THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN SCHOOL COUNSELOR LEADERSHIP PRACTICES AND COMPREHENSIVE PROGRAM IMPLEMENTATION by Erin Chase McCarty Mason Reform initiatives in education since the introduction of No ChildExpand
Understanding School Counselors' Ability to Implement School Counseling Activities Following Participation in Professional Training, Focusing on Adventure Based Counseling Training
The barriers that inhibit and the factors that support school counselors’ ability to implement information learned from Professional Trainings are understood, with a focus on ABC training. Expand


School Counselors as Program Leaders: Applying Leadership Contexts to School Counseling.
As a profession, school counseling is experiencing a paradigm shift from ancillary service provider to full partner in the education process (Johnson, 2000). As school counselors struggle withExpand
School Counselors and Research Revisited.
This article presents the results of a questionnaire on various aspects of research completed by 763 school counselors. Three subscales were derived using factor analysis: Confidence in ResearchExpand
The ACA Advocacy Competencies: A Social Justice Advocacy Framework for Professional School Counselors:
The recent endorsement of the advocacy competencies by the American Counseling Association signals their relevance to the school counseling profession. This article outlines the importance of being aExpand
Second international handbook of educational leadership and administration
General Editors: K. Leithwood, P. Hallinger. Section Editors: G.C. Furman, P. Gronn, P. Hallinger, K. Leithwood, J. Macbeath, B. Mulford, K. Riley. Preface K. Leithwood, P. Hallinger. Section 1:Expand
Using Correlational and Prediction Data to Enhance Student Achievement in K-12 Schools: A Practical Application for School Counselors
Correlational data and regression analysis provide the school counselor with a method to describe growth in achievement test scores from elementary to high school. Using Microsoft Excel, this articleExpand
Action Research and School Counseling: Closing the Gap between Research and Practice:
Action research can be a valuable resource for strengthening the link between theory and practice in school counseling. Action research emphasizes practitioner action for change in conjunction withExpand
The Cycle of Leadership: How Great Leaders Teach Their Companies to Win
In The Leadership Engine, Noel Tichy showed how great companies strive to create leaders at all levels of the organization, and how those leaders actively develop future generations of leaders. InExpand
Closing the Achievement Gap.
The University of System of Maryland’s Closing the Achievement Gap Initiative addresses the threat posed by the state's widening college retention and degree completion gap for lower income andExpand
Telling the Story of the Future
Organization vision has been a topic much discussed and written about over the past couple of decades. Yet, confusion still exists regarding what it is and how it is most effectively conveyed. VisionExpand
A Revision of Bloom's Taxonomy: An Overview
EĞITIM HEDEFLERI TAKSONOMISI (THE TAXONOMY OF EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVES) egitim sonucunda ogrencilerden ogrenmeleri beklenen veya umulan seyleri siniflandirmak icin kullanilan bir taksonomidirExpand