The AP-2 family of transcription factors

  title={The AP-2 family of transcription factors},
  author={Dawid Eckert and Sandra Buhl and Susanne Erika Weber and Richard J{\"a}ger and Hubert Schorle},
  journal={Genome Biology},
  pages={246 - 246}
The AP-2 family of transcription factors consists of five different proteins in humans and mice: AP-2α, AP-2β, AP-2γ, AP-2δ and AP-2ε. Frogs and fish have known orthologs of some but not all of these proteins, and homologs of the family are also found in protochordates, insects and nematodes. The proteins have a characteristic helix-span-helix motif at the carboxyl terminus, which, together with a central basic region, mediates dimerization and DNA binding. The amino terminus contains the… CONTINUE READING
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