The ALMA-PILS survey: inventory of complex organic molecules towards IRAS 16293–2422 A

  title={The ALMA-PILS survey: inventory of complex organic molecules towards IRAS 16293–2422 A},
  author={S. Manigand and J. J{\o}rgensen and H. Calcutt and H. Muller and N. Ligterink and A. Coutens and M. Drozdovskaya and E. Dishoeck and S. Wampfler},
  journal={Astronomy and Astrophysics},
Context. Complex organic molecules are detected in many sources in the warm inner regions of envelopes surrounding deeply embedded protostars. Exactly how these species form remains an open question.Aims. This study aims to constrain the formation of complex organic molecules through comparisons of their abundances towards the Class 0 protostellar binary IRAS 16293-2422.Methods. We utilised observations from the ALMA Protostellar Interferometric Line Survey of IRAS 16293-2422. The species… Expand
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