The AKP’s engagement with Turkey’s past crimes: an analysis of PM Erdoğan’s “Dersim apology”

  title={The AKP’s engagement with Turkey’s past crimes: an analysis of PM Erdoğan’s “Dersim apology”},
  author={Bilgin Ayata and Serra Hakyemez},
  journal={Dialectical Anthropology},

Therapeutic forgetting, agonistic remembrance: Conflicting memories of Izmir’s Kültürpark and contested narratives in contemporary Turkey

This article proposes to read the history of Izmir’s Kültürpark as symptomatic of Turkey’s troubled relationship with its political past and urban heritage. Combining insights from political theory,

The aesthetics of open-ended mourning: The statue of a holy-madman in Dersim, Turkey

What happens to the notion of commemoration when its object is not fixed in time? Intervening in scholarly discussions on the contested nature of public remembering, this ethnographic research

The Diminishing Agency of Urbanised Alevis Against the Rise of Political Islam in Turkey

This paper critically examines the diminishing agency of the first-urbanised Alevi generation vis- à-vis the Justice and Development Party (AKP) and their sectarian agenda mediated by political



Austin, John Langshaw

Der Name A.s ist eng verbunden mit den Bemuhungen um die »Philosophie der normalen Sprache« (Ordinary Language Philosophy), die im wesentlichen von ihm — zu nennen waren auserdem noch Ludwig

The Historiographic Perversion

Introduction: The Names and the Archive 1. The Law and the Fact: The 1994 Campaign 2. Between Amputation and Imputation 3. Refutation 4. Testimony: From Document to Monument Conclusion: Shame and

Politik und Erinnerung: Der Diskurs über den Armeniermord in der Türkei zwischen Nationalismus und Europäisierung

Verlagstext ( Der problematische Umgang der Turkei mit dem Mord an den Armeniern wahrend des Ersten Weltkriegs wird in der kontroversen Debatte um den EU-Beitritt der

The Making of Modern Turkey

Wir sind ein Volk! : Identitätspolitiken unter den Zaza (Türkei) in der europäischen Diaspora

The A. analyses shifting categories of collective identity among Zaza migrants in Europe. He shows how under new socio-political conditions, and supported by modern ideologies, and scientific

“They Live in a State of Nomadism and Savagery”: The Late Ottoman Empire and the Post-Colonial Debate

The Ottoman Empire was the last great Muslim world empire to survive into the age of modernity. The Ottoman state, together with its contemporaries, Habsburg Austria and Romanov Russia, was engaged

How to Do Things with Words: The William James Lectures Delivered at Harvard University in 1955

Performatives and constatives conditions for happy performatives infelicities - misfires infelicities - abuses possible criteria of performatives explicit performatives explicit performative verbs

Life and Words: Violence and the Descent into the Ordinary

Foreword 1. The Event and the Everyday 2. The Figure of the Abducted Woman: The Citizen as Sexed 3. Language and Body: Transactions in the Construction of Pain 4. The Act of Witnessing: Violence,