The ACM Electronic Publishing Plan

  title={The ACM Electronic Publishing Plan},
  author={Peter J. Denning and Bernard Rous},
  journal={Astrophysics and Space Science},
For the past three years, the ACM Publications Board has been developing its vision for the future of publication in the electronic age and a program to achieve it. I am pleased to present that plan here. We envisage a diminishing role for print journals and exciting new programs around an ACM digital library. The plan raises important policy questions regarding the treatment of copyright. Our interim answers to these policy questions are discussed in two additional documents—the ACM Interim… 

Scientific communication – on the brink of the next evolution?

Key points Publishing is fixated on the format of the scholarly article, and this is stifling innovation. Content should be presented in a way that adapts dynamically to the reader's needs. A lot of

Analysis of the readiness to buy cultural tourism online by means of latent variable models

The offer of tourism products online has increased considerably in recent years. The degree of acceptance of this new form of purchasing tourism products and services on the demand side is

Online Paper Repositories and the Role of Scholarly Societies: An AERA Conference Report

  • Sociology
  • 2010
This report examines issues faced by scholarly societies that are developing and sustaining online paper repositories. It is based on the AERA Conference on Online Paper Repositories, which focused

A framework for online publishing in the University of Malaya

A proposed framework for OPUM system provides a platform and mechanism for the scholarly communities in UM to communicate within its societies in terms of sharing, extending, exchanging, promoting, debating and distributing their findings, ideas and knowledge via an online publishing system.

Preserving digital information

Part I: Digital Preservation - Why Do We Need it ? 1) State of the Art - 2) Economic Trends and Social Issues Part II: Information Object Structure 3) Introduction to Knowledge Theory - 4) Lessons


The essential mechanism for web and its services, architecture and utility in digital environment is described.

Granular interactions with electronic documents : With a focus on electronic journal articles

  • J. Oh
  • Computer Science
  • 2006
This paper addresses issues related to the design of an interface supporting fine grained interaction with documents, focusing on a particular type of scholarly documents, journal articles. In order

Scholarly electronic publishing bibliography

This bibliography presents selected articles, books, electronic documents, and other sources that are useful in understanding scholarly electronic publishing efforts on the Internet and other