The AARTFAAC 60 MHz transients survey

  title={The AARTFAAC 60 MHz transients survey},
  author={M. Kuiack and R. Wijers and A. Shulevski and A. Rowlinson and F. Huizinga and G. Molenaar and P. Prasad},
  journal={arXiv: High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena},
We report the experimental setup and overall results of the AARTFAAC wide-field radio survey, which consists of observing the sky within 50 deg of Zenith with a bandwidth of 3.2 MHz at a cadence of 1 s, for 545 h. This yielded nearly 4 million snapshots, two per second, of on average 4800 square degrees and a sensitivity of around 60 Jy. We find two populations of transient events, one originating from PSR B0950+08 and one from strong ionospheric lensing events, as well as a possible single… Expand

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