The A2A adenosine receptor mediates coronary vasodilation.

  title={The A2A adenosine receptor mediates coronary vasodilation.},
  author={Luiz Belardinelli and John C. Shryock and Stephen Snowdy and Ying-li Zhang and Angela Monopoli and Gianluca Lozza and Ennio Ongini and Ray A. Olsson and Donn M. Dennis},
  journal={The Journal of pharmacology and experimental therapeutics},
  volume={284 3},
The coronary vasodilation caused by adenosine is due to activation of A2 adenosine receptors (A2AdoRs), but the subtype or subtypes of A2AdoR (A2A and/or A2B) that mediate this action are uncertain. The purpose of this study was to test the hypothesis that A2AAdoRs mediate coronary vasodilation caused by exogenous or endogenous adenosine in the guinea pig isolated perfused heart. The newly described A2AAdoR antagonist SCH58261 was used to selectively block A2AAdoRs. Attenuations by SCH58261 of… CONTINUE READING


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