The 71 Ga ( 3 He , t ) reaction and the low - energy neutrino response


The 71Ga(3He, t) reaction and the low-energy neutrino response D. Frekers a,∗, H. Ejiri b, H. Akimune c, T. Adachi b, B. Bilgier d, B.A. Brown e, B.T. Cleveland f, H. Fujita g, Y. Fujita b,g, M. Fujiwara b, E. Ganioğlu d, V.N. Gavrin h, E.-W. Grewe a,1, C.J. Guess e, M.N. Harakeh i,j, K. Hatanaka b, R. Hodak k, M. Holl a, C. Iwamoto c, N.T. Khai l, H.C. Kozer d, A. Lennarz a, A. Okamoto c, H. Okamura b,2, P.P. Povinec k, P. Puppe a, F. Šimkovic k, G. Susoy d, T. Suzuki b, A. Tamii b, J.H. Thies a, J. Van de Walle i, R.G.T. Zegers e

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