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The 5S methodology as a tool for improving the organisation

  title={The 5S methodology as a tool for improving the organisation},
  author={Joanna Michalska and Daniel Szewieczek},
  journal={Journal of achievements in materials and manufacturing engineering},
Purpose: The aim of this paper is showing the 5S methodology. In this paper it was introduced the way of implementing the 5S methodology in the company. Design/methodology/approach: In the frames of own research it has been analysed and implemented the 5S rules in the production process. Findings: On the basis of the own research it can be stated, that introducing the 5S rules bring the great changes in the company, for example: process improvement by costs’ reduction, increasing of… 

Review on Implementation of 5S in Various Organization

This paper explains the methods and techniques of 5 S uses to increase the efficiency of all processes in the company. Special emphasis will be given to the implementation of 5S system and

The 5S lean method as a tool of industrial management performances

Implementing the 5S (seiri, seiton, seiso, seiketsu, and shitsuke) method is carried out through a significant study whose purpose to analyse and deployment the management performance in order to

5 S implementation methodologies : literature review and directions 49

The objective of the paper is to investigate the process of 5S implementation across all the levels of organisations and highlight the significant contributions of 5S to the organisations. The paper


The study’s findings revealed the elimination of production problems such as delays, underused space, and non-conformance to safety measures through a holistic application of 7S.

The application of 6S methodology as a lean improvement tool in an ink manufacturing company

  • N. Sukdeo
  • Business
    2017 IEEE International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management (IEEM)
  • 2017
The lean 6S methodology, which comprises of 5S + safety, is a powerful and effective lean improvement tool which can be applied to any type or size of organisation. The traditional 5S was expanded to

Effectiveness of 5S Practices

Problem statement: 5S practice is one of the techniques to improve quality environment, health and safety at the workplace. Evaluation of 5S practice can be done through implementation of 5S audit at

Impact of 5 S on quality , productivity and organizational climate-Two Analysis Cases

This article shows the impact of the 5S on the study factors: quality, productivity and organizational climate in two manufacturing SME located in Usaquen (Bogotá). The purpose of the study is to

A Case Study of 5S Implementation in Inspection Process

5S is lean tool which involves workplace organization and is implemented to reduce the searching time of a product. The methodology adopted in this paper is the 5S pillar approach: Seiri, Seiton,

6s: Creating an Efficient and Safer Work Environment

Purpose: This paper explores the concept of workplace organisation and the role of safety. Specifically the objectives of the study were to identify the role of safety within 5S and to test how the

Impact of 5S on Productivity, Quality, Organizational Climate and IS at Tecniaguas S.A.S

This paper describes an approach to assessing the impact of 5S on four study factors: namely quality, productivity, industrial security (IS) and organizational climate (OC) in the manufacturing



The improvement of the quality management by the activity-based costing

Purpose: The aim of this paper is showing the activity-based costing. In this paper it was introduced the new method of analysing the costs. Design/methodology/approach: In the frames of own research

Quality research methods as a factor of improvement of preproduction sphere

This method is a propose of new lifting strategy of effectivities and efficiencies activities of preproduction sphere of organization, and can be used in companies for estimation of quality index of product modernity.

Business process improvement : the breakthrough strategy for total quality, productivity, and competitiveness

Why Focus on Business Processes? Setting the Stage for Business Process Improvement.Organizing for Process Improvement.Flowcharting: Drawing a Process Picture.Understanding the Process

TQM : integrated approach : implementing total quality through Japanese 5-S and ISO 9000

The TQMEX model Total Quality Marketing 5-S operations and purchasing control quality control circles ISO 9000/BS5750 total preventive maintenance Total Quality Management and BS7850 making it all

Quality estimation of sale process with usage of quality methods in chosen company

M. Dudek-Burlikowska*, D. SzewieczekDivision of Materials Processing Technology, Management and Computer Techniques in Materials Science, Institute of Engineering Materials and Biomaterials, Silesian

The usage of the quality – cost analysis in a production process

Purpose: The main aim of the research is estimation of optimum level of product’s quality. In this paper it was introduced the methodology of evaluation in the quality-cost analysis and the manner of

Quality costs in the production process

Costs and effectiveness management

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  • 2000