The 36K protein of zebrafish CNS myelin is a short-chain dehydrogenase.

  title={The 36K protein of zebrafish CNS myelin is a short-chain dehydrogenase.},
  author={Jacqueline K. Morris and Belinda B Willard and Xinghua Yin and Gunnar Jeserich and Michael Kinter and Bruce D Trapp},
  volume={45 4},
Previous studies identified homologues to mammalian myelin genes expressed in the teleost central nervous system (CNS), including myelin basic protein (MBP), protein zero (P0), and a member of the proteolipid protein family, DM20. In addition, an uncharacterized 36-kDa (36K) protein is a major component of teleost myelin, but is not a major component of myelin in other species. In the present study, we sought to better understand myelin proteins and myelination in one teleost, zebrafish, by… CONTINUE READING
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