The 2017 catastrophic subsidence in the Dålk Glacier: Unmanned aerial survey and digital terrain analysis

  title={The 2017 catastrophic subsidence in the D{\aa}lk Glacier: Unmanned aerial survey and digital terrain analysis},
  author={Igor V. Florinsky and Dmitrii P. Bliakharskii and Sergei Popov and Sergei Pryakhin},
We present the first results from a study of the 2017 catastrophic subsidence in the Dålk Glacier, East Antarctica using an unmanned aerial system (UAS) and UAS-derived DEMs. The subsided portion of the Dålk Glacier and adjacent territory was surveyed in two flights, before and after the collapse. The survey was performed by Geoscan 201, a small flying-wing UAS. Aerial images have an average resolution of 6 cm. Using Agisoft PhotoScan software, we generated two DEMs with a resolution of 22 cm… 

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Обширная депрессия в леднике Долк, Восточная Антарктида © 2017 г. С.В. Попов1*, С.С. Пряхин2, Д.П. Бляхарский3, Г.В. Пряхина4, С.В. Тюрин4 1Полярная морская геологоразведочная экспедиция,
Bliakharskii, 2018
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