The 2017 May 20$^{\rm th}$ stellar occultation by the elongated centaur (95626) 2002 GZ$_{32}$

  title={The 2017 May 20\$^\{\rm th\}\$ stellar occultation by the elongated centaur (95626) 2002 GZ\$_\{32\}\$},
  author={P. Santos-Sanz and J. Ortiz and B. Sicardy and G. Benedetti-Rossi and N. Morales and E. Fern'andez-Valenzuela and R. Duffard and R. Iglesias-Marzoa and J. L. Lamadrid and N. Maicas and L. P'erez and K. Gazeas and J. Guirado and V. Peris and F. J. Ballesteros and F. Organero and L. Ana-Hern{\'a}ndez and F. Fonseca and A. Alvarez-Candal and Y. Jim'enez-Teja and M. Vara-Lubiano and F. Braga-Ribas and J. Camargo and J. Desmars and M. Assafin and R. Vieira-Martins and J. Alikakos and M. Boutet and M. Bretton and A. Carbognani and V. Charmandaris and F. Ciabattari and P. Delincak and A. Leiva and H. Gonz'alez and T. Haymes and S. Hellmich and J. Horbowicz and M. Jennings and B. Kattentidt and C. Kiss and R. Komvz'ik and J. Lecacheux and A. Marciniak and S. Moindrot and S. Mottola and A. Pal and N. Paschalis and S. Pastor and C. Perell{\'o} and T. Pribulla and C. Ratinaud and J. Reyes and J. S{\'a}nchez and C. Schnabel and A. Selva and F. Signoret and E. Sonbaş and V. Al'i-Lagoa},
  journal={arXiv: Earth and Planetary Astrophysics},
  • P. Santos-Sanz, J. Ortiz, +56 authors V. Al'i-Lagoa
  • Published 2020
  • Physics
  • arXiv: Earth and Planetary Astrophysics
  • We predicted a stellar occultation of the bright star Gaia DR1 4332852996360346368 (UCAC4 385-75921) (m$_{\rm V}$= 14.0 mag) by the centaur 2002 GZ$_{32}$ for 2017 May 20$^{\rm th}$. Our latest shadow path prediction was favourable to a large region in Europe. Observations were arranged in a broad region inside the nominal shadow path. Series of images were obtained with 29 telescopes throughout Europe and from six of them (five in Spain and one in Greece) we detected the occultation. This is… CONTINUE READING


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