The 2010 foot-and-mouth disease epidemic in Japan.

  title={The 2010 foot-and-mouth disease epidemic in Japan.},
  author={Norihiko Muroga and Yoko Hayama and Takehisa Yamamoto and Akihiro Kurogi and Tomoyuki Tsuda and Toshiyuki Tsutsui},
  journal={The Journal of veterinary medical science},
  volume={74 4},
Foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) occurred recently for the first time in a decade in Japan. The index case was detected on a beef-breeding farm in Miyazaki Prefecture, Southern Japan, on April 20, 2010. After confirmation of this first case, control measures such as stamping out, movement restriction and disinfection were implemented. However, these strategies proved insufficient to prevent the spread of FMD and emergency vaccination was adopted. Up until the last outbreak on July 4, 2010, a total… CONTINUE READING
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