The 2000 Periastron Passage of PSR B 1259 – 63

  title={The 2000 Periastron Passage of PSR B 1259 – 63},
  author={Tim Connors and Steven Johnston and Richard N. Manchester and Dave Mcconnell},
We report here on a sequence of 28 observations of the binary pulsar system PSR B1259−63/SS2883 at four radio frequencies made with the Australia Telescope Compact Array around the time of the 2000 periastron passage. Observations made on 2000 Sep 1 show that the pulsar’s apparent rotation measure (RM) reached a maximum of −14800± 1800 rad m, some 700 times the value measured away from periastron, and is the largest astrophysical RM measured. This value, combined with the dispersion measure… CONTINUE READING


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