The 2000 Benjamin Franklin Medal in Engineering presented to Antoine Labeyrie

  title={The 2000 Benjamin Franklin Medal in Engineering presented to Antoine Labeyrie},
  author={L. W. Dobbins},
  journal={J. Frankl. Inst.},
  • L. W. Dobbins
  • Published 2000
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • J. Frankl. Inst.
Abstract The Franklin Institute, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, awarded the 2000 Benjamin Franklin Medal in Engineering to Antoine Labeyrie for the discovery of speckle interferometry which permits large ground-based astronomical telescopes to achieve their full theoretical angular resolution, and for pioneering work in extending Michelson's method for performing long-baseline multi-telescope interferometry to obtain angular resolution on the order to 10−3/s arcsec. 


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