The 2-extendability of strongly regular graphs

  title={The 2-extendability of strongly regular graphs},
  author={Dingjun Lou and Qingwei Zhu},
  journal={Discret. Math.},
Abstract It is proved that every connected strongly regular graph ( v ( G ), k , α , β ) with even order is 2-extendable when k ⩾ 3, except the Petersen graph, the (6, 4, 2, 4) graph and K 4 . 
On extendability of co-edge-regular graphs
The results show that the only connected co-edge-regular graph of even order at least 8 and valence at least 7 which is not 3-extendable is the complete multipartite graph K 4, 4 , 4 . Expand
On extendability of Deza graphs with diameter 2
A connected graph ? of even order is ? -extendable if it is of order at least 2 ? + 2 , contains a matching of size ? , and if every such matching is contained in a perfect matching of ? . AExpand
N-extendability of Line Graphs, Power Graphs, and Total Graphs
It is shown that when the connectivity of a line graph, power graph, or total graph is sufficiently large then it is n-extendable. Expand
Max-cut and extendability of matchings in distance-regular graphs
It is proved that all distance-regular graphs with diameter D ≥ 3 are 2-extendable and several better lower bounds are obtained for the extendability of distance- regular graphs of valency k ≥ 3 that depend on k, λ and μ and the inequalities are incomparable with known eigenvalue bounds for these combinatorial parameters. Expand
The Classification of 2-Extendable Edge-Regular Graphs with Diameter 2
2-extendable edge-regular graphs of even order and diameter 2 are classified in this paper to consider extendability of other regular graphs of diameter 2. Expand
Graph Factors and Matching Extensions
Fundamentals of factor theory.- Factors and graphic parameters.- (g,f )-factor and factorization.- Component factors and connected factors.- Elementary graphs and decomposition.- Extendable graphsExpand
The Extendability of Matchings in Strongly Regular Graphs
It is shown that the extendability of many strongly regular graphs of valency $k$ is at least $\lceil k/2 \rceil -1$ and it is conjecture that this is true for all primitive stronglyregular graphs. Expand
On the Extendability of Quasi-Strongly Regular Graphs with Diameter 2
The extendability of quasi-strongly regular graphs of diameter 2 and grade 2 is studied and the 2-extendable members of this class of graphs are classified. Expand
The Vertices of T


    N-extendability of symmetric graphs
    It is proved that a cyclically (k − 1)(2n − 1)-edge-connected edge transitive k-regular graph with even order is n-extendable, where k ≥ 3 and k − 1 ≥ n ≥ ⌈(k + 1)/2⌉. The bound of cyclic edgeExpand
    On n-extendable graphs
    • M. Plummer
    • Computer Science, Mathematics
    • Discret. Math.
    • 1980
    Nearly all n-extendable graphs (n>=2) are shown to be (n-1)-extendedable and (n + 1)- connected. Expand
    On 2-extendable abelian Cayley graphs
    A Cayley graph of even order over an abelian group is 2-extendable if and only if it is not isomorphic to any of the following circulant graphs. Expand
    On the classification of 2-extendable Cayley graphs on dihedral groups
    It is proved that a connected Cayley graph of even order on a dihedral group is 2-extendable if and only if it is not isomorphic to anyone of the following circulant graphs. Expand
    Graph Theory with Applications
    Graph Theory With Applications