The 2-degree Field Lensing Survey: design and clustering measurements

  title={The 2-degree Field Lensing Survey: design and clustering measurements},
  author={C. Blake and A. Amon and M. Childress and T. Erben and K. Glazebrook and J. Harnois-D'eraps and C. Heymans and H. Hildebrandt and S. Hinton and S. Janssens and A. Johnson and S. Joudaki and D. Klaes and K. H. Kuijken and C. Lidman and F. A. Marin and D. Parkinson and G. Poole and C. Wolf},
  journal={Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society},
  • C. Blake, A. Amon, +16 authors C. Wolf
  • Published 2016
  • Physics
  • Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society
  • We present the 2-degree Field Lensing Survey (2dFLenS), a new galaxy redshift survey performed at the Anglo-Australian Telescope. 2dFLenS is the first wide-area spectroscopic survey specifically targeting the area mapped by deep-imaging gravitational lensing fields, in this case the Kilo-Degree Survey. 2dFLenS obtained 70?079 redshifts in the range z < 0.9 over an area of 731 deg2, and is designed to extend the data sets available for testing gravitational physics and promote the development of… CONTINUE READING
    The third data release of the Kilo-Degree Survey and associated data products
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    KiDS+VIKING-450: Cosmic shear tomography with optical+infrared data
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    Luminous red galaxies in the Kilo-Degree Survey: Selection with broad-band photometry and weak lensing measurements
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    2dFLenS and KiDS: determining source redshift distributions with cross-correlations
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    Deep Extragalactic VIsible Legacy Survey (DEVILS): Motivation, design and target catalogue
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    The weak-lensing masses of filaments between luminous red galaxies
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