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The 2- 10 keV emission properties of PSR B1937+21

  title={The 2- 10 keV emission properties of PSR B1937+21},
  author={Luciano Nicastro and G Cusumano and Lucien Kuiper and Werner Becker and W. Hermsen and Michael Kramer},
We present the results of a BeppoSAX obser- vation of the fastest pulsar known: PSR B1937+21. The ∼ 200 ks observation (78.5 (34) ks MECS (LECS) expo- sure times) allowed us to investigate with high statistical significance both the spectral properties and the pulse pro- file shape. The absorbed power law spectral model gave a photon index of ∼ 1.7 and NH ∼ 2.3 × 10 22 cm −2 . These values explain both a. the ROSAT non-detection and b. the deviant estimate of a photon index of ∼ 0.8 obtained by… 

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The 2-10 keV emission properties of PSR B1937+21

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