The 1986 Commonwealth Games: Scotland, South Africa, sporting boycotts, and the former British Empire

  title={The 1986 Commonwealth Games: Scotland, South Africa, sporting boycotts, and the former British Empire},
  author={Matthew L. Mcdowell and Fiona I. Skillen},
  journal={Sport in Society},
  pages={384 - 397}
Abstract This article examines Scottish reactions to African, Asian, Caribbean and other nations’ boycotts of the 1986 Commonwealth Games in Edinburgh. These boycotts occurred over the UK Government’s support of trade with apartheid South Africa, and over the inclusion in the England team of South African-born Zola Budd and Annette Cowley. This piece focuses in part on the political reaction, both by Scotland’s Westminster MPs, and also by Edinburgh District Council – the latter led by the… 
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