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The 1979 Iranian revolution: the revolutionary revolution

  title={The 1979 Iranian revolution: the revolutionary revolution},
  author={Dov Brandis},


Conscription and Popular Resistance in Iran, 1925-1941
For the nationalist regimes of the inter-war Middle East, Riza Shah's Iran, Mustafa Kemal's Turkey and Hashemite Iraq, the construction of a strong national army based on universal military service
Shi'a Islam: From Religion to Revolution
An introduction to the historical and intellectual development of Twelver (Imamite) Shi'a Islam. The author also presents Shi'i rituals as seen by European travellers, and considers these rituals
Ideology as Episodic Discourse: The Case of the Iranian Revolution
Sociological research on ideology and revolution has been guided by three models: the subjectivist model, which proposes that ideology re-orients disoriented and discontented individuals in
Theology of Discontent: The Ideological Foundation of the Islamic Revolution in Iran
With this lucid, judicious and vividly written exposition of the ideological foundations of the Islamic revolution, Dabashi has rendered the educated public a valuable service.-- Said A. Arjomand,
Majestic Failure: The Fall of the Shah.
The impact of oil revenues on the pre‐revolutionary Iranian economy
The role played by the export sector in pre-revolutionary Iran was both straightforward and complex. It was straightforward in that any casual examination of the historical record easily shows that
The Ideology and Praxis of Shi'ism in the Iranian Revolution
The Iranian revolution of 1979 presents a case in which religion has stimulated profound social change, rather than serving only as a basis for social integration. Although scholars have recently