The 1953 Cosmic Ray Conference at Bagnères de Bigorre: the Birth of Sub Atomic Physics

  title={The 1953 Cosmic Ray Conference at Bagn{\`e}res de Bigorre: the Birth of Sub Atomic Physics},
  author={James W. Cronin},
  journal={The European Physical Journal H},
  • J. Cronin
  • Published 29 August 2011
  • Physics, Education
  • The European Physical Journal H
AbstractThe cosmic ray conference at Bagnères de Bigorre in July, 1953 organized by Patrick Blackett and Louis Leprince-Ringuet was a seminal one. It marked the beginning of sub atomic physics and its shift from cosmic ray research to research at the new high energy accelerators. The knowledge of the heavy unstable particles found in the cosmic rays was essentially correct in fact and interpretation and defined the experiments that needed to be carried out with the new accelerators. A large… 

Sensitivity of IceCube cosmic ray measurements to the hadronic interaction models

The IceCube Neutrino Observatory measures cosmic-ray air showers with both its surface array IceTop and its 1.5-2.5 km deep in-ice array. IceTop measures the charge deposited by electromagnetic

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The French research on cosmic rays in the first half of the 20th century is summarized. The main experiments are described as the discovery of air cosmic ray showers by Pierre Auger. The results

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Mambillikalathil Govind Kumar Menon. 28 August 1928—22 November 2016

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  • 2021
M. G. K. Menon, referred to as Goku, was an outstanding particle physicist and an extraordinary statesman of science. He made his major contributions to particle physics during the tortuous years of

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Peaslee has considered the interesting possibility that the principle of charge independence, now believed to hold for nucleons and pions, may extend to the new unstable particles as well. In order

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Abstract A convenient method of representation is proposed (§ 2) for data on τ-meson decay configurations, applicable when the unlike outgoing π-meson is not distinguished. The relation between the

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Assuming the charge independence. for V:particles, the qualitative features of these unstable heavy pal'ticles are investigated. In view of the present experimental mater:al, there seems to be three

Some Remarks on the V-Particles

It is qualitatively investigated whether the abundance of V-particle production can be reconciled with their long lifetime by using only interactions of a conventional structure. This is possible,

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