The 1919 eclipse results that verified general relativity and their later detractors: a story re-told

  title={The 1919 eclipse results that verified general relativity and their later detractors: a story re-told},
  author={Gerard Gilmore and Gudrun Tausch-Pebody},
  journal={Notes and Records},
  pages={155 - 180}
Einstein became world famous on 7 November 1919, following press publication of a meeting held in London on 6 November 1919 where the results were announced of two British expeditions led by Eddington, Dyson and Davidson to measure how much background starlight is bent as it passes the Sun. Three data sets were obtained: two showed the measured deflection matched the theoretical prediction of Einstein's 1915 Theory of General Relativity, and became the official result; the third was discarded… 

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Among the various expeditions sent out to observe the total solar eclipse of May 9, 1929, that of the Potsdam Observatory (Einstein Stiftung) seems to be the only one which obtained photographs
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