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The 1901-1902 "Holy Man's" Rebellion

  title={The 1901-1902 "Holy Man's" Rebellion},
  author={John B. Murdoch},
Article on the scholarship and history of the “Holy Man’s” Rebellion in Northern Thailand, Southern Laos, and parts of Vietnam from 1901 to 1902. 

The Holy Man in the History of Thailand and Laos

Holy men were respected leaders in early Thai and Lao society. As Thai society became more complex, traditional holy men disappeared, to be replaced by modern charismatic monks. But, in Southern Laos

An Anti-Vietnamese Rebellion in Early Nineteenth Century Cambodia: Pre-colonial Imperialism and a Pre-Nationalist Response

  • D. Chandler
  • Political Science
    Journal of Southeast Asian Studies
  • 1975
The “holy man's” (nak sel) rebellion against the Vietnamese that broke out in 1820 along the Cambodian-Vietnamese border is the best-documented one of its kind in pre-colonial Cambodia, and makes a

The Khom script of the Kommodam Rebellion

Abstract This article describes a previously undescribed script from Laos. The script was used by a political leader as part of his resistance effort against the colonial French, used to symbolize

Buddhist Politics and Their Revolutionary Origins in Thailand

Thailand is often viewed as an Asian country which has experienced no fundamental revolutionary change because the two major institutions on which the Thai nation is predicated—the monarchy and the

Borders on the Fantastic: Mimesis, Violence, and Landscape at the Temple of Preah Vihear

  • P. Cuasay
  • Political Science
    Modern Asian Studies
  • 1998
Peace based on a fallacy is not for the living. The living must and shall demand the truth, for such is the way of nations, and such is the way of man.—Seni Pramoj, speaking at the World Court, March

National Identity and the Geo-Soul: Spiritually Mapping Siam

This paper investigates the re-centring of religious identity within the geo-body in the developing world through the case study of Thailand, formerly Siam. Although by 1932, monarchic rule and

Small Arms, Romance, and Crime and Violence in Post WW I I Thai Society

During World War II and the immediate postwar years, essentially because of the proliferation of modern small arms, law and order in Thai society were increasingly and seriously threatened. The

Millenarian Movements in Southern Laos and North Eastern Siam (Thailand) at the Turn of the Twentieth Century

Interrelated holy men millenarian movements destabilized southern Laos and North East Siam (Isan) at the turn of the twentieth century. In contrast to those who have interpreted these uprisings as

Haunting the State: Rumours, Spectral Apparitions and the Longing for Buddhist Charisma in Laos

Abstract Buddhist ascetic monks and hermits that move largely outside of the institutional structures of the monastic order (sangha) have a long history in mainland Southeast Asia. In Lao Buddhism

The Saint with Indra's Sword: Khruubaa Srivichai and Buddhist Millenarianism in Northern Thailand

Abstract Despite a growing literature revealing the presence of millenarian movements in both Theravada and Mahayana Buddhist societies, scholars have been remarkably reluctant to consider the role