The 18 p-syndrome. Report of four cases.

  title={The 18 p-syndrome. Report of four cases.},
  author={Joachim Faust and Manfred Habedank and C Nieuwenhuijsen},
  journal={European journal of pediatrics},
  volume={123 1},
Four children, two girls and two boys, were found to have a short arm deletion of chromosome No. 18. Three of them exhibit a typical dysmorphy of the face showing retraction of the midface, broad-based, flat nose, hypertelorism, epicanthus, "carp mouth", big, protruding, and low set ears, as well as a variable number of Turner-like features, failure of growth, mental retardation, and muscular hypotonia. A newly born child, who died at 2 days of age exhibited severe brain defects of… CONTINUE READING