The 120-yr period for Dr. Beal's seed viability experiment.


After 120 yr of burial in moist, well-aerated sand, 23 seeds of Verbascum blattaria and two seeds of a Verbascum sp. germinated and produced normal plants (50% germination for Verbascum). After a 6-wk cold treatment, a single seed of Malva rotundifolia germinated also, producing a normal plant (2% germination). Plants were grown to maturity in a greenhouse… (More)
DOI: 10.3732/ajb.89.8.1285



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@article{Telewski2002The1P, title={The 120-yr period for Dr. Beal's seed viability experiment.}, author={Frank W. Telewski and Jan A. D. Zeevaart}, journal={American journal of botany}, year={2002}, volume={89 8}, pages={1285-8} }