The 1.2-Megabase Genome Sequence of Mimivirus

  title={The 1.2-Megabase Genome Sequence of Mimivirus},
  author={D. Raoult and S. Audic and C. Robert and C. Abergel and P. Renesto and H. Ogata and B. La Scola and M. Suzan and J. Claverie},
  pages={1344 - 1350}
  • D. Raoult, S. Audic, +6 authors J. Claverie
  • Published 2004
  • Biology
  • Science
  • We recently reported the discovery and preliminary characterization of Mimivirus, the largest known virus, with a 400-nanometer particle size comparable to mycoplasma. Mimivirus is a double-stranded DNA virus growing in amoebae. We now present its 1,181,404–base pair genome sequence, consisting of 1262 putative open reading frames, 10% of which exhibit a similarity to proteins of known functions. In addition to exceptional genome size, Mimivirus exhibits many features that distinguish it from… CONTINUE READING
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