The (trans)formation of identity: The evolution of categories related to gender diversity in the case of trans-activism in Barcelona (1978–2010)

  title={The (trans)formation of identity: The evolution of categories related to gender diversity in the case of trans-activism in Barcelona (1978–2010)},
  author={Gerard Coll-Planas and Miquel Miss{\'e}},
  journal={International Journal of Iberian Studies},
Since the emergence of trans-activism in Barcelona (pioneer in the Spanish context) in 1970, identity categories to refer to people who do not identify with the socially-assigned gender identity have experienced a major transformation. In this article, we analyse the evolution of identity categories related to gender diversity from 1978 to 2010 in order to recover the history of trans-activism and explore its specificities with regard to the hegemonic logic in other western countries. In the… 



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