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The (Black Hole Mass)-(Spheroid Stellar Density) Relations: $M_{\rm BH}$--$\mu$ (and $M_{\rm BH}$--$\Sigma$) and $M_{\rm BH}$--$\rho$

  title={The (Black Hole Mass)-(Spheroid Stellar Density) Relations: \$M\_\{\rm BH\}\$--\$\mu\$ (and \$M\_\{\rm BH\}\$--\$\Sigma\$) and \$M\_\{\rm BH\}\$--\$\rho\$},
  author={Nandini Sahu and Alister W. Graham and Benjamin Lee Davis},
This paper is the fourth in a series presenting (galaxy morphology, and thus galaxy formation)dependent black hole mass, MBH, scaling relations. We have used a sample of 119 galaxies with directly-measured MBH and host spheroid parameters obtained from multi-component decomposition of, primarily, 3.6μm Spitzer images. Here, we investigate the correlations between MBH and the projected luminosity density μ, the projected stellar mass density Σ, and the deprojected (internal) stellar mass density… 


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